Tough Love Business Advice

If I read about one more workshop or program or seminar about “How to Succeed in Business,” my eyes are going to start bleeding.

People, it’s simple. Really simple.

I’ve got it for you in 7 tough love steps.

1. Care.
No, not just care…care A LOT. Care so much that you become obsessed with caring. Care to the point your friends and family become worried about you. “OMG. Have you talked to Jill? She is really obsessing over her business.” Care about everything that touches your business. Everything. And care all the time, not just when you’ve had a good day and “feel” like caring.

2. Stay Focused.
I admit, this one is hard one for me personally because…SQUIRREL! But you will NOT succeed if you can’t stay focused. And I don’t care how much you paid to have someone tell you otherwise. You can stare all day at your Pinterest board about creativity and imagination and letting the mind wander but I tell you true, those quotes ain’t paying the bills. You need to do ONE thing, do it well, and move on to the next. One foot in front of the other even when you don’t feel like it. ESPECIALLY when you don’t feel like it. If your goal is becoming the best you can be at your chosen profession, then don’t divert your time, attention and energy to selling skincare online. Unless your goal IS selling skincare online, in which case, go for it. Devote everything you have to selling skincare. Eat, sleep and drink skincare and don’t let anything else get in the way. Whatever it is YOU do, do it 100%.

3. Be hungry and uncomfortable.
I’m always hungry, and not just for doughnuts, although I’ve never said “no” to one, especially a maple glaze with a nice crispy strip of bacon on top. Mmmmm. You’ve got to want to succeed so much that you feel it gnawing at your stomach. It wakes you up. It pounds at your brain. It’s won’t leave you alone. You have to feel that fire in your belly. Let feelings of inadequacy push you to be better. Harness those thoughts that say, “You aren’t good enough.” Prove them wrong. Are you uncomfortable? Good. Because you can be comfortable or you can be successful but you can’t be both.

4. Be professional.
To be a professional one must act like a professional. I realize this sounds dumb, rather like, “To be a swimmer, one must get wet,” but every day on Facebook I am simply astounded at those who treat their “business” like a middle school girls’ bathroom. “And then she said…and then I said…and then…and then…” You want to vent about clients or your competition? Get off social media and get a dog; they are great listeners.

5. Whatever it takes.
Finish when you’re done, not when you’re tired. Do what you said you were going to do. Keep your word, even when it’s hard. Even if it costs you money. Your word is your bond. Listen, your clients don’t care that you’re tired. They don’t care that this is your busy season and you haven’t showered in three days and you’re throwing Cheetos at your kids for dinner. They don’t care that you cry into your keyboard as you wearily work into the wee hours. They don’t care that you are Febreezing your kids because you don’t have time to give them a bath. They don’t care. Nor should they. They paid you to do a professional job and they want that job done. “Be nice to me. I’m tired and this is my busy season,” are words that should never make their way to a Facebook post. If my doctor did that, I’d be finding another doctor.

6. Stop complaining
People who love what they do don’t complain about it. Plain and simple. They realize that in spite of loving it, there will be hard days and hard clients and hard moments because that’s how Life works. EVERYONE has something to complain about. Everyone. You are not special in this. Every business has its challenges; every business has moments that make you cry. And sometimes those moments come one right after the other, like “Dominoes of Frustration.” So cry. Take your hands off your keyboard, go in the bathroom, have a good cry, splash some cold water on your face and then move on with your day. Put on your big/boy girl pants and move on.

7. Treat your business like a business.
‘Cause you know what they call a business NOT run like a business?
A hobby.

Now…go be great. You’ve got this.

Missy out.


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