Don’t Be the GMO of Social Media

Sometimes…I worry.

I worry that people feel that they must pretend in order to engage in this game called “social media,” (and make no mistake, it IS a game)
They must pretend to be have it together
They must pretend to always be positive
They must pretend that they are always cheerful
They must pretend that they never get upset
They must pretend to have all the answers

In short, they must pretend that they and their life are perfect.

Yuck. I can’t even.

And what’s worse…I worry that people who read these things BELIEVE them and try to emulate what they see, and when they can’t, because no one can, they too, find themselves pretending.

I don’t know about you, but to me, nothing about that is beautiful, because it’s not REAL.

Listen, I try to stay positive and approach every situation with a healthy dose of humor. And maybe some snark and a side of sass. And vodka.
And I succeed…until I don’t. And then I switch gears and get serious or sentimental or engage some Tough Love or just get downright weird. You never know what you’re gong to find.

And you know what? That’s perfectly okay with me.

If you’re someone who finds themselves pretending, I hope you’ll reconsider. Embrace all the parts of you that make you…you. (This is not a serious challenge. No one is going to vote you off the island or anything if you refuse, but the prize for succeeding is pretty great) I want you to remember and hold firm to the knowledge that most of what you see floating around social media is fabricated, contrived, manipulated and the farthest from authentic.

It’s a manufactured public image. Kind of like manufactured foods, and we all know how good those are for us.

Don’t be the GMO of social media.

Remember, a round diamond is cut to have 58 different facets. If it just had ONE, it would never shine.


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