I’m not in it for the Likes

Dear Friends, 

I’ve opted out of playing The Social Media Game.
I refuse to do it.

Notice I’m not saying I’ve opted out of social media. I love social media; you are reading these words because of it. But The Social Media Game is, well, different, because I feel with the game of social media, even if you win, you lose.


Because there reaches a point along the way that in order to win, you have to give up being YOU.

As many of you know, I post a lot of things. Some short; some the length of a small novel, and some so long you have to take a break from reading to grab a sandwich and a nap. Some of these posts are well received; some, not as much. It depends on the subject matter. I know this.

I also know that when you share a thing that many people like, it makes you happy. On the flip-side, when you share a thing that receives a lukewarm response, it can bum you out.

So then, the temptation becomes great to share ONLY those things that you KNOW will garner a terrific response. 
You stage your posts. 
You refrain from saying what needs to be said. 
You replace authenticity with a formula. 
You structure your content not to say what needs to be said or share what needs to be shared, but rather, to get “likes.”

And in so doing, you sacrifice your true self. 
Dear Baby Jesus in a Manger, there’s not enough “likes” in the world to make that worth it.

So if you read my writing at all, thank you. I put care and thought into everything I post and hope that when I hit that “publish” button, my words find their way to someone who will read them and laugh or cry or think or all of the above. Please know that I am beyond thrilled when you enjoy my posts and share them (seriously, THANK YOU) but even if you don’t, it’s okay—I’m writing them anyway.

‘Cause baby… I ain’t in it for the “likes.”


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