Something NEW is Coming

March 8, 2023 1

I get a lot of questions about running a photography business. I mean, A LOT of them. And don’t get me wrong, I love them. I love them as much as I love pie, and, […]

The Emergency Aisle

June 14, 2021 0

I sat in an emergency row on an airplane for the first time today. I don’t like the emergency row—it’s the row next to the part of the plane designed to come apart from the […]

Feeling the Bern Meme

January 21, 2021 0

I can’t stop making Bernie Sanders memes. This is my life; this is who I am now. All in good fun…and in great mittens.


September 11, 2020 0

Remember that sunny morning in New Yorkin Washington DCin PennsylvaniaRemember the placesthe World Trade Centerthe Pentagonthe rural field in Somerset County PennsylvaniaRemember the planesthe smokethe firethe horrorthe evilThe pure, unadulterated evil…Remember these things, remember them well, […]

Some More Coronavirus Thoughts

August 13, 2020 3

I like doughnuts in my mouth. I like margaritas in my mouth. I like fresh berries in my mouth. I like those cinnamon candy disks in my mouth.What I don’t like in my mouth are words that other […]

The Lesson in a Dead Pot of Mint

July 17, 2020 0

I grow mint. Up until a few months ago, that mint was grown in a very large terra cotta pot in my backyard, but when we moved to our new/old house, I didn’t take the […]

Things I’ve Learned Thanks to the Coronavirus

April 1, 2020 1

1. We’ve all been undervaluing pants with elastic waist bands. 2. I’ll never look at toilet paper the same way again. 3. I suspect this whole Coronavirus thing was masterminded by the “Dog Community” as […]

Texts From my Daughter: the mouse

March 24, 2020 0

My darling daughter lives alone in a studio apartment. After working three 12hr shifts in ICU, she went home to sleep. And then woke up, sent me the attached screenshot, and informed me she was […]

Love In the Age of Coronavirus: a short story

March 6, 2020 1

Natalie was nervous.  She knew she shouldn’t be. She was out-going and friendly, always ready with a smile. She shined at social gatherings-the girl everyone seemed to gravitate to. A magnet that drew others to […]

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