Things I Can’t Prove But Know for Certain

Our Internet devices are all listening to us

Cake tastes better when eaten in the middle of the night. In secret. In the kitchen. And it’s the last piece.

People who open a different “Internet Business” each year do so because the one they opened the year before didn’t succeed.

80’s music is the best music.

God is real and He loves you.

Cats believe they are superior to every human being on the planet.

The day you leave the house looking your worst is the day you’ll run into the person you haven’t seen in years.

50 years from now the most photographed generation in history will have no photos because they didn’t print them.

Jeffrey Epstein’s guards all went to the bathroom at the same time…at the gas station across the street…and they left their keys on the counter.

Children are more interesting than adults.

The best part of a Thanksgiving dinner is everything BUT the turkey.

Some people are born without the “humor gene.”

Happiness doesn’t find you…you find it.


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