What Do We Tell the Children?

We tell them this is how a democracy works.

We tell them in a presidential election, only one person can win. Sometimes it will be the candidate you prefer, sometimes it won’t.

We tell them a person must be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

We tell them that we must always look for the good.

We tell them to look around: the sun is shining, people are going to work and school, babies are being born…life goes on.

We tell them the sky is not falling; disappointments are a part of life.

We tell them that if we don’t face the future with open, optimistic hearts, we are part of the problem.

We tell them that the United States is comprised of THE PEOPLE, not one person sitting behind a desk in the Oval Office.

We tell them that regardless of who wins, we need to support our new president. And our country.

We tell them we must be kind to one another.

And we tell them to believe the best in our country and in our fellow man, because that’s what Americans do.


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