Social Media Influencer Woes

(Note: I had read THIS story on Buzzfeed about a social media influencer who posted professional photos of her accident on Instagram along with what appeared to be a product placement. I thought it unbelievable until…it happened to me.)

Okay guys…the first thing you need to know is that I AM OKAY. Seriously, I’m okay, but in the interest of self-promotion, here’s the scary, magical series of events exactly as they happened.

My sweet daughter, Madi, and I had gone shopping Tuesday afternoon. After hours spent together throwing our heads back laughing a lot, we had just arrived back home. I misjudged the step up onto the porch and stubbed my toe really hard. I was in agonizing pain but I never lost consciousness.

I crawled across the front lawn, and my daughter was at my side immediately while sweet strangers gathered up my grocery items for me and provided comfort.

The moment it happened
You hear about this happening to other people but never think it will happen to you
Absolute shock
Even more shock
Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers and my #KirklandDrinkingWater
I don’t remember a lot of what was happening around me. #starbucks #guess
I was in a haze the entire time. #treetopapplesauce
Thankfully, I could still move my toe. #Alwaysmaxipads
I was pretty much in a fog the entire time. #jimbeam #applecomputer

Madi is in nursing school, so after my Angel Nurse Daughter fixed me up, I was able to hobble back into the house where I spent the rest of the night laughing with sweet new friends until I fell asleep.

I’m resting now and healing up my toe, but I’m feeling so much better. I can’t believe how much of it all Madi captured. Unreal.

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  1. Where would we be if we could not commercialize every event?? Glad you are okay, prayers for your toe, and thank goodness your nurse daughter was so concerned about you that she documented your accident in great detail!

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