That’s Doesn’t Impress Me Much…But You Know What Does?

I’m not impressed with beautiful images taken by a photographer at a workshop or during a stylized session.
I can appreciate the beauty, sure, but hello? They SHOULD be beautiful. After all, the photographer had lots of time to create them, in a controlled environment, often times using cooperative models who are really good at doing this sort of thing because, well, they’re models.

They aren’t real sessions with real clients.

Because photographers who photograph real clients, well, they know that real clients are a little different.
Their sessions take place within a timeframe and often come with situations you can’t control:

A crying baby
An impatient family member
Uncooperative weather
A client running late
The additional subgrouping that get added on DURING the session
Rapidly changing light
Equipment malfunctions

When a photographer photographs a REAL client during a REAL session with all the REAL world problems that can arise, and yet comes away having made beautiful images of that real client…

THAT’S when I’m REALLY impressed. xoxo

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