Even a Monkey Can Do It

A photographer is someone who has a camera and takes pictures. 
That’s it. 
A toddler could do it. 
Heck, a monkey could it do it.

A professional photographer, however, is something altogether different
Professional photographers hit their mark 99% of the time
They are consistent in their photography
They are able to create quality images in any situation
ANY situation
Over and over and over again

No frantic pleas to Facebook-land because they now have to shoot in a dark space and “OMG, I’ve never used off camera flash or any flash and I’m freaking out and HELP! I NEED TIPS!”

No, “I am doing my first family session tomorrow and I have no idea what I’m doing. Hit me up with your favorite poses.”
Nor do they panic when they drop their ONE camera at a wedding.

Professional photographers are committed to their craft and to their clients. 110%. Day in and day out.
They aren’t playing at this.

So don’t be fooled. 
Having a camera does not make you a professional photographer. 
It simply makes you someone who has a camera.


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  1. Dear Missy:

    Very true. In my case, I’m a graduate of the Blind Squirrel School of Photography. It’s based on the fact that even a blind squirrel can find an acorn, every now and again. And every now and again, I make a really good photo. I’ve gotten better over the years. Not professional better, but good enough for me.

    With best regards,


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