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I got my hair cut a couple days ago. It had become way too long and out of control and well, I was looking for something a little different. I know my limits when it comes to my hair and face. Bangs are absolutely positively a must. Even if no one else on the planet was wearing bangs; even if they were considered nerdy and out of date; even if we were living in “The Handmaids Tale” and they said, “Either cut your bangs or we’ll cut off a finger,” I would take a moment and think…about which finger I could live without. 


As for the rest of the mop on my head, I had ideas. My friend, Perfect Michelle, had sent me a series of pictures of long, layered hairstyles and it was those images I brought in with me to my stylist, Beth. I had been picturing my hair in that style for weeks. I was sure this was what I wanted. I mean, just positive.

But, Beth wasn’t. She explained the amount of time that would go into that type of hairstyle; how long it would take me to get my hair to achieve that look each time I styled it. Was I willing to invest that much time every single morning?

Is the Pope Baptist? 
Does rain fall up?
Is Kanye West humble?

Absolutely not.

She then suggested another style, shorter but with more body and easier to care for. I agreed, because I trust her knowledge and years of experience. The minute she finished, I knew I had made the right call by listening to and following her professional advice.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because in today’s world where everyone is a self-declared expert on all things (thank you, Google) there is still such a thing as a professional. And professionals, well, this what they do for a living. They aren’t trying to look like a pro on the Internet; they are out in the world, engaged in their profession.

They know stuff. They have spent years honing their craft, fine-tuning their skill and their clients now reap the benefits of that experience.

Having a piano doesn’t make you a professional pianist. 
Having scissors doesn’t make you a professional stylist. 
Having a camera doesn’t make you a professional photographer.

The title of “professional”, you’ve gotta work for. Literally.


(Ps. And thank you to Beth for giving me what I wanted, in spite of what I said. Professionals are able to do that, too.)

Behold, the obligatory I-just-got-my-haircut selfie.

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