Two Boys and a Flag

The flag caught my eye first, and then I saw them-two young boys, sitting on a fence on a Saturday afternoon, in the summer heat, large drinks at their feet.

I rolled down my window and told them that I loved they were out there with the flag. They replied with a very sincere, “Thank you,” and I could tell they were taking this job seriously. I asked them if I could take their picture and they said, “Sure,” and scooted together and gave me a thumbs up.

I don’t know their names or their ages. I don’t know where they live or what school they go to. I don’t know anything anything about them, much less what caused them to sit there in the heat, holding that flag like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting, when other kids were inside playing video games or immersed in their phones.

All I DO know is that these two boys, sitting quietly on a fence on a Saturday afternoon, holding a flag for people to see as they drive by is everything right with America.

Thumbs up to YOU, young men.


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  1. What is “right” about America? I surely can’t think of a thing – except perhaps that that’s the way we see ourselves. Let’s see: bombing bown people the world over and stealing their resources? Supporting regimes in order to raise our standard of living at the cost of others’? The fact that the whole country is the result of massive land theft and slaughter followed by decades of slavery to work the newly acquired land? Those two original sins are enough to disqualify the USA from any laurels. Nope – can’t see anything “great” about it. Looking at pictures of Nazi rallies in Germany and I’m reminded of the rallies held at Presidential inauguartions. All those flags. Everywhere that bloody rag hanging high.
    The kids are cute, there’s that. Holding that flag is just sick.
    Nice pic, tho’.

    • Dear Mike, if you think holding an American flag is “sick;” if you can’t think of a thing that’s right about America; if you can’t see any of her accomplishments; if you don’t recognize the sacrifices of her men and women; if you still look at America and judge her by her mistakes rather than the way she has tried to rectify them, then I’m afraid there’s not much of a conversation to be had here. Discussion won’t penetrate layers of anger and bitterness.

      I just hope you don’t have a dog.

      (PS: As for calling the American flag a “bloody rag,” well, yes, I guess it is. ‘Cause, a lot of blood has been shed by good men and women to keep her flying and to protect what she stands for.)

  2. Mike, I suggest you research the histories of some other countries. If you find one that’s pure enough for your elevated sensitivities, please move there.
    Don’t let the door hit you in the behind on the way out.

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