Not Every Occasion Will Require a Professional Photographer

Our lives are overwhelmed with pictures. A cell phone holds thousands. We take them haphazardly, in passing. Thousands and thousands of pictures. Our food, our drink, a blurry sunset.

We take them not because they are important; we take them because we can.

And when our phones are full, we delete the food, the drink and the blurry sunsets. We might even wonder, as we look back, why on earth we took that image to begin with.

And once deleted, we will never miss it, because it didn’t really matter.

A portrait is different, because it is made with purpose. It is made to mark a time in history; a moment in life. There is nothing haphazard about it. It is special because of the people in it. It is made with care…

it is made to be remembered. It is made to last.

Not every occasion in life will require a professional photographer….
Only those times that really matter.


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