Where’s The Work?

“Where’s the beef?” 

Remember that question? It was the tag line for a marketing campaign created in 1984 by Wendy’s to distinguish the larger Wendy’s hamburger patty from that of their competitors. The television commercial featured a darling little grandma angrily asking “Where’s the beef?” as she stared at tiny hamburger patties on huge buns. <There is a “that’s what she said” joke in there, but right now, I’m too lazy to find it.>

I think of that commercial often as I peruse the Interwebs, especially when looking at the social media sites of those who workshop. Except, instead of hamburgers, I ask myself:

“Where’s the WORK?”

To be sure, these workshop-giver sites are updated with stuff: vacation photos, selfies, pictures of ginormous sales order receipts, some models, and lots and lots of workshop info, but…where’s the work?

It’s simply not there.

And you’d think if there was work, REAL work, you’d want to put it out there for the world to see; you’d want to fill your social media sites with real client work on a regular basis to help validate your workshops on selling and business. You’d want your every day work to be seen.

Because without it, people may assume your workshop business bravado is created to hide the fact that what you have is nothing more than a tiny burger in a big bun.

Hey-oh! And THAT’S what she said.

Found it!


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