It happens…

Stuff happens.

You don’t live a life without stuff happening. We all understand this. You turned left when you should have turned right; you made a bonehead decision; what you didn’t think would be a Big Deal ended up being a HUGE issue; you thought you could get away with something and no one would notice…and they did.

We all get this. It’s called Life and it’s filled with highs and lows. It’s a roller coaster and the thing is–it’s the same for everyone.

Every person has challenges and struggles and heartbreak. EVERY. PERSON. It doesn’t matter how perfect and wonderful their Facebook posts appear, we all have “stuff” we must deal with in our Life. And when you run a business, you get the added bonus of MORE stuff.

Stuff you need to know

Stuff you need to take care of

Stuff you need to pay

Stuff you need to juggle

Stuff you need to be aware of

Again, we are all the same in this. No one has a trademark on suffering; no one has a copyright on “unfairness.”

Where we differ, however, is that most professional people do not take to a public forum to air all of that stuff. They do not take their issues and put them out on a public platform and then mix them liberally with other personal issues and bake them into a huge steaming “Transgression Casserole.”  They simply say a mea culpa, pay the piper, and move on. And try not to make the same mistakes down the road.

Sure, they might need to drown yet another Life Lesson with a healthy dose of an adult beverage, but still, they move on, knowing this is part and parcel of not just running a business, but of living a Life.

So, dear friends, know that sh*t happens, but that sh*t also washes off. Unless you prefer to keep the sh*t on so that everyone can go around saying, “OMG. Look at her sitting in all that sh*t. Poor thing.”

In which case, disregard everything I just wrote.



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