Texts From my Daughter: the mouse

My darling daughter lives alone in a studio apartment. After working three 12hr shifts in ICU, she went home to sleep. And then woke up, sent me the attached screenshot, and informed me she was going to get a mouse. 

Madi: I think I’m gonna buy a mouse.

Me: Why?

Madi: Cause I’m bored and the dog foster hasn’t gotten back to me. I’ll just buy one of those two dollar ones and save it from its intended purpose of being eaten by a snake.

Me: Are you serious? Do NOT do that? I mean it, if you don’t clean the cage religiously it starts to smell and I KNOW you.

Madi: It’s so tiny.
Madi: I’m gonna check it out. 

An hour later.

Madi: I did not get a mouse.
Madi: The pet store people bothered me.
Madi: And a potential commitment of three years was too much.

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