Dear Jimmy Fallon

Dear Jimmy Fallon,
I realize that you aren’t a personal fan of every single person you interview; I mean, you couldn’t be, right? You interview tons of people on The Tonight Show, and there are many who sit opposite you who must kind of “grind your gears.” But, and here’s the cool thing, you wouldn’t know it, because you approach each guest with courtesy. You treat your Tonight Show guests with humor, graciousness and a good nature. That’s what a good late night host does.
Not everyone seems to appreciate that, but I want you to know I do. And I think Johnny Carson would be proud.
Thank you. xoxo

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  1. Right, I mean, he is a good host. At least I think so.
    I find his ability to get celebrities to do hilarious things and just have fun makes the Tonight
    Show a breath of fresh air after so many years of zzzzzzzzzLeno. Seeing lots of hate lately
    about him and I keep thinking, “What & Why”. Agree with you Missy Mwac.

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