I’m Passionate About Photographing Sweet and Amazing Clients

I love words.
That should probably come as no surprise. I just adore them. There are so many to pick from and stringing them together is pure delight. And while I do engage in my fair share of typos, it doesn’t diminish my love of words.

I am especially fond of adjectives. You know, those words in a sentence that help describe a noun, like GREY goose. GREY is the adjective as it describes the color of the goose which really has nothing to do with the vodka, but who cares? Because vodka.

But there are certain adjectives that are abused, so much so that they need their own Adjective Support Group. They are overused to the point of becoming meaningless, especially in the photography industry.

I submit the following adjectives as evidence:


It’s not that I wish these three words banned from the English language, it’s just they are everywhere, from Facebook statuses to blog posts to Tweets.

They are the Kardashians of the adjective world.

They aren’t bad words or ugly words, but there is a right and a wrong way to use them. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Overused Method: “I have an amazing life with an amazing husband and my clients are all amazing!”
Acceptable Method: “It’s flipping amazing how many workshops there are!”

Overused Method: “Here’s a shot of a sweet family I photographed with their sweet children and their sweet dog.”
Acceptable Method: “2-for1 cocktails? SWEET!”

Overused Method: “I am so passionate about my art.”
Acceptable Method: There might not be one. This adjective has become so overused, it’s like Confederate money or an 8-track player; it means nothing anymore.

So when you find yourself with the grand opportunity to gather words and put them together, I suggest you veer away from the aforementioned adjectives, grab a thesaurus, and find a substitution. I fear with so many photographers out there, the list of overused adjectives is only going to grow.

Yeah,  “professional,” adjective…I’m looking at you.


(Note: It has been brought to my attention that I have overlooked a word that is also more than worthy of the “most overused adjective” title: BLESSED. I am clearly slipping. I apologize for this omission and will rectify the mistake right now:

Overused Method: “I am so blessed to be able to change lives with my photography. #soblessed”
Acceptable Method: “Too blessed to be stressed.”

Again, apologies all around and thank you to my readers. You all are amaaaazing. (No, but really, you are. xoxo)


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