“Go F*ck Yourself.” Wait..what?

I’m a fan of witty comebacks. An admirer, even. The well thought-out response is a thing of beauty. Even the angry responses, when crafted well, are fun to read. I have never gone all out on an online response, and by all out, I mean, dropping all filters and letting it fly, but I often do verbally while reading nonsense. Sometimes, I even scare the dog.

But there is a response that I don’t understand. I don’t understand why we use it or really, what it means. I hear it all the time:

“Go f*ck yourself!”

I don’t get the “Go f*ck yourself,” directive. How does one do that; how would it even be possible? I mean, some lizards or snakes have two penises so technically, maybe, somehow, they could accomplish it, but the rest of us, not so much. And those of us lacking a penis even less so.

But let’s say that we all could do this; that we all could go f*ck ourselves. How is that a bad thing? Wouldn’t that be sort of fun? Enjoyable, even? If you said, “Go smash your head into a brick wall,” well, THAT I would understand. It would hurt. Your head would bleed. But “Why don’t you go f*ck yourself?” That’s like saying, “Why don’t you go eat some pie?”

It just sounds like too much fun to be an insult.


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