Beyond the #BroomChallenge

I know everyone is trying to get their brooms to stand up on their own with the #broomchallenge, but what you might not know is that right now until the end of the week, the Earth’s axis will be tipping far greater as it orbits around the moon. This is referred to as a Lunar Axial Tilt, and due to a shift in the interstellar planetary alignment. This tilt will result in “space ripples” that nudge the planets as they travel along the solar path. Even though we will be closer to the celestial horizon, setting us firmly an an entirely new horizontal coordinate system for a brief period, the shift is imperceptible to humans. The effects of this closer alignment with the moon, however, will be a greater pull in the tides, for gravitational force will be accelerated to the 3rd Lunar Bovemdestercore, which only occurs once every 75-100 years. 

Now, here’s the great part—because our bodies are comprised of up to 85.3% water-they will react much the same way as the tides. It’s especially noticeable on the brain and heart, as those two organs are composed of approximately 89% water.

I know I’ve thrown a lot of fancy names and facts at you, but what does this all mean? Well, in the simplest terms, for the next week, this planetary phenomenon will result in a greater ability to stay calm, be nice to others, laugh at things that in the past would cause shrieking and hair pulling. 

To test it out, take part in the #UntwistYourPanties Challenge. 

(NASA was going to call it the #ChilltheF*ckDown Challenge, but they thought it might be too crass.)

Give it a try. Just for a week. 
This is science, people. 


I didn’t have a broom handy, but I was amazed at my cup. Stood up all by itself. Had I not seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it. Science rules!

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    • Joe, that’s exactly the place! One of my favorite bookstores on the planet, but…and you need to prepare yourself for this…they are permanently closed now. I know, I know. xoxo

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