A Photographer’s Job

She’s not a cheerleader.
He’s not a quarterback.
She’s not the Homecoming Queen.
He’s not voted “Most Popular”

Her hair is a mass of untamed waves
His face is temporarily covered in acne
Her hips are wide
His teeth are crooked

They don’t dress in the latest fashion
Or look like they just jumped out of an Abercrombie advertisement
it’s just not important to them.
Their focus is much more inward

They are good kids.
GREAT kids, actually.
She’s a little shy
And he’s a little bit of a loner.

And although it isn’t “cookie cutter,” theirs is a beauty all their own.

They have a story to tell.
They, too, want to feel important…feel special.
They won’t say this, of course. No one does. But the longing is there. It’s always there.

Who doesn’t want to feel beautiful?

And when they stand in front of your camera, it’s up to you to make this happen. You aren’t just “taking pictures,” you’re reminding other human beings of their value, their worth and their importance. And always, their beauty.

OUR job, as photographers, isn’t to be rockstars…it’s to make those we photograph feel as though THEY are.


OUR job as photographersisn't to be rockstars.It's to make those we photographfeel as though THEY are.

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