Frozen Themed Photography Set

A step-by-step tutorial to create this adorable stylized “Frozen,” set sure to delight children of all ages.

frozen themed photography set

  1. 1. I know this is hard to believe but the festive winter backdrop is simply a flannel sheet. I know, right? Amazing. I had an assistant off camera holding the sheet, so there’s no need to buy any fancy backdrop stands or poles.2. To create the winter “frozen” effect, I used ice cubes. I simply dumped the tray from the freezer onto the festive background and with an artistic eye, I scattered them about. Some were clustered together while others were set apart. This ice cube placement is where YOU can really shine and make it your own.3. To bring the entire look together in a cohesive way, I added a snowman and reindeer. Actually, I had no reindeer, so I added a moose. Don’t worry about this-most people don’t know the difference.4. And then, for the final touches, I added gold sparkle snowflakes to really warm the image up and give it almost a 3-D effect.

    5. I kneeled directly in front of the set and allowed God’s light (ie. The Sun) coming in from the window to light the set. It not only met but exceeded my expectations. It was almost like being dropped in the middle of the movie.

    I’m thinking of creating a stylized workshop where photographers can pay to learn the technique and then use the images in their portfolios, but I’m gonna need more sheets.


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