Victim Cards

“The intern did it.”
“It’s the web designer’s fault.”
“My computer was hacked.”
“My copywriter did it.”

Are you a photographer who steals other photographers’ images and claims them as your own?
Are you someone who plagiarizes others’ work?
Or are you someone who just makes mistakes and has a hard time owning up to them?

If you’ve found yourself in any of these, or similar situations, then you’ve probably uttered one of the above excuses. We hear them all the time. And while there’s nothing wrong with the excuses, it’s just, well, they are growing a little tiresome. I mean, you can only blame the web designer so many times, right? But coming up with new, clever excuses is difficult.

I mean, you steal photos and/or words–creativity is clearly NOT your area of expertise.

So allow me to present a new idea I’m working on: the “Victim Card” deck.

With this deck of 52 cards, no longer will you have to fall back on the same old boring, lame excuses. Now, you can wow those you’ve ticked off with a plethora of fun, exciting excuses which will have you playing the victim faster than you can copy and paste someone else’s photo.

So before you steal someone’s images or words again, or before you have to assume responsibility for your own actions, be sure to have your Victim Cards ready and take the words “mea culpa” out of your vocabulary.

Remember, taking responsibility for your own actions is hard, but playing the victim is easy…especially with these cards. xoxo

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