10 Signs You May be in the Wrong Facebook Photography Group

1.If you disagree with the owner of the group, you are banned. Forever.

2. There is so much drama, you feel as though are stuck in the middle of a “made-for-tv” movie

3. Every 4th post is an invite to a workshop or webinar.

4. Critiques are given, whether you want them or not.

5. Opinions are welcome, but only “certain” opinions.

6. A second Facebook group has to be created to counter the friction in the first Facebook group

7. It’s difficult to hear the voices of many of the members; they’re muffled from being pressed so firmly against the head admin’s butt.

8. Admins are NOT allowed to be friends with certain people. It’s in the contract.

9. Should an admin hear of anything less than complimentary being said about the owner of the Facebook group, they are to report back in full detail.
I think this is called the “Snitch Clause.”

10. You find yourself scratching your head and thinking, ““This is SO not what professional photography should be about.”

If you, or someone you love, experience any of the above in a Facebook Photography Group, click “Unfollow Group” immediately.

And go be happy.







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