Just Because I’m Sharing This on my Blog Doesn’t Mean I Want Praise

There I was, walking out of the Walmart, having just purchased some sinus medicine, when right in front of me I see an elderly man stooped over, picking up groceries that had fallen out of a torn grocery bag. No one was helping him and I realized I had a choice. But should I do it?
You know, I’m used to saving people’s lives: I’ve saved 6 people, 3 dogs and a baby bird just last month alone, but this was something different. I paused for a moment to survey the situation. My thoughts flew wild and free:
If I helped him, would I be able to humblebrag this?
Would it be BIG enough?
To make matters worse, my battery had died on my phone, so I couldn’t even take a picture to share how selfless I am.
Would it even be worth it?
And at that time, I realized I could waste time wishing it had been something bigger and more worthy of a humblebrag, or I could go ahead and help him, which is exactly what I did.
And I laugh now, as I look back on the situation. I should have known that with as giving as I am, there was really nothing to think about.
I have one of the best hearts of anyone I know.
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(PS. I’m still shaken over it. You’d think by the 7th rescue, I’d be used to it by now. I think it would be great if Facebook had some sort of app that allowed you to turn your profile picture a certain color to show you are as selfless as I am.)

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