Outdoor Session Angst aka: what a photographer thinks

The Day Before An Outdoor Session

Let me check the weather report
The weather guy said chance of rain and wind tomorrow
I’m not going to panic
He said, “chance” of rain and wind
This means there is a chance there might NOT be rain and wind
I mean, really, how often are they right?
I’m going to think happy thoughts

Morning of Session

A little nervous about the weather
I’m gonna check online
40% chance of rain.
I don’t like those odds.
But still, there’s a 60% chance it will be fine.
I’m pulling a Han Solo
“Listen, Weather.com: Never tell me the odds.”

4 Hours Prior to Session

Okay, it’s going to take me about 45 minutes to get to the location
Which means 45 minutes back
What if I drive all that way and we get rained out?
Or wind-ed out?
If it’s all adults, we can work quick
Let me check…
5 adults and 3 children.
Maybe I should reschedule
But if I reschedule now, it will look like I don’t want to do it
It’s gonna look like I’m just trying to get out of it so I can go do something else, like see a movie or something, which I totally WOULD do if I can’t do the session.
Wait. I couldn’t even see a movie because what if I call the session NOW and they, too, go to the movie and see me there.
OMG..what if we run into each other at the movie?
No, I’m just going to do it.
But wait.
If I do it and the weather is bad, they could get upset that they got ready for nothing.
And I wasted 2 hours.
And THEY wasted 2 hours.
Man, I need a Tums

2 Hours Prior to Session

Dammit…those are rain clouds.
But just because it’s going to rain HERE doesn’t mean it’s going to rain THERE
If I cancel now, they will have gotten ready for nothing
I don’t want to upset them
This is so unfair
I mean, I have NO control over the weather
They have to know that
But what if they don’t?
What if they are counting on ME to make the call and and I don’t make the right one?
What if I cancel and it turns out to be a brilliant sunset?
But what if I don’t cancel and it’s miserable?

1 Hour Prior to Session

It’s Game Time
This is so ridiculous
I mean, we can land a spacecraft on a comet but we can’t predict with 99% accuracy exactly when and where it’s going to rain?
So much for science.
Thanks for nothing, Bill Nye.

45 Minutes Prior to Session

This might be a huge mistake, but I’m going for it
Best case scenario: it works out
Worst case scenario: it doesn’t
Either way, they’ll know I cared
And if it all goes down in a fiery blaze of disappointment
I will comfort myself with vodka, and….

reschedule the session for another day when I will, undoubtedly, go through the entire process again.


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