“Hey, Marvin!”

A guy goes to a baseball game.

The stadium is packed.

I mean, PACKED.

He inches his way toward his seat in the center of a long row and as he does so, he hears, “Hey, Marvin!”

He looks around him but doesn’t see anyone waving, so he sits down.

The game begins.

After the first inning, he again hears, “Hey Marvin!”

He turns around in his seat and scans the crowd, but nothing.

The game continues.

20 minutes later, the same occurs: “Hey, Marvin!”

This time he stands up and looks around at the rows behind him.

Confused, he sits down.

He decides to go get a hot dog.

As he’s leaving his seat, he hears again, “Hey, Marvin!”

At this point, the guy is livid.

He stands on his chair and screams up to the rows behind him: “FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD, MY NAME IS NOT MARVIN!”

Moral of the story: It’s not always about YOU.


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