You Don’t Need a Life Coach; You Need a Dog

Thinking today about how many Life Coaches there are out there, selling their services. And it’s all silly and unnecessary, because when you have a dog, you have the best Life Coach in the world, one who leads by example.

With this thought in mind, I suggest we start the “Live Like a Dog” workshop. We get together a bunch of furry four-legged creatures and watch them.

Just…watch them.

In no time, we will learn the following:

How to easily forgive
How to find joy in the smallest things
How people matter far more than “stuff”
How to understand what people are feeling, regardless of what they are saying
How to find joy in serving others
How to lighten up
How to fight for those you love
How to make people feel special
How to see beyond appearance
How to love unconditionally

The price for the workshop would be several rounds of catch with your Life Coach and a bunch of belly rubs.



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