You Can be Comfortable or Successful

That quiet drumbeat in your spirit.
That persistent pulse in the back of your mind.
That thing that keeps you from feeling comfortable.

The voice that says:
“Did I do enough?”
“Could this have been better?”

Do you have it?
Good. Me, too.
And I’m glad. Really glad.
And I hope it never goes away.

See, I have never once created anything where I sat back said, “I am 100% pleased with this. It could not be any better.” (My children are the exception to this. And my dog. Although I didn’t create my dog. But she still could not be any better.)

I am not crippled with insecurity nor with a lack of confidence, but I am certainly not comfortable. And I never want to be.

Because being comfortable never taught me anything. Not jack squat.

Oh, I’ve read tons of articles about how I SHOULD be comfortable.
How there is something wrong with me because I’m NOT comfortable.
I’ve seen videos of people, mostly women, crying over this sort of stuff.
We’re talking moments that could be straight from Oprah’s couch.

And, to be sure, this idea that we should shield ourselves from doubt and discomfort as though it was Ebola has manifested itself everywhere. In fact, there’s real money to be made in convincing you of this. I’ve seen the expensive coaching and “Confidence Workshops” available to those with non-maxed out credit cards. They are promoted as though confidence is something you can open your wallet and buy.

Just as “There’s no crying baseball,” “YOU CAN’T BUY CONFIDENCE.”
You can’t buy a feeling of comfort and really, why would you try?

Being comfortable is that kid in school that convinces you to skip class, but Insecurity, well, it could win Teacher of the Year.

Because it pushes you.
It challenges you.
It keeps the fire in your belly roaring.
It is your nemesis and you will work your whole life to prove it wrong.
Make it work FOR you.
Embrace and it make it your beyotch.

Work hard and stay uncomfortable, my friends.


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