Stuff I Believe

I believe that one size does not fit all

I believe that birthday cake has no calories IF it’s eaten on your birthday.

I believe that there is no ONE way to do anything

I believe that my children are not actually going to bed when they say “goodnight.”

I believe you can’t workshop for a living AND photograph actual clients at the same time.
Something’s gotta give. Or, more likely, it already has.

I believe the serving size on a carton of ice cream should be 2 cups; I believe the current 1/2 cup serving size is a typo that nobody caught.

I believe no one wants to be treated like a number.

I believe only half the road construction we see is actually necessary.

I believe when a store employee tells me “thank you” offhandedly while he looks away, he doesn’t mean it

I believe the words “farm fresh,” “all natural,” and “nothing artificial” rarely mean “farm fresh, “all natural,” and “nothing artificial.”

I believe that to be successful in a photography business, you must look outside the photography industry for inspiration.

I believe that we often pick a new hairstyle not for the cut, but because we want to look like the model (totally guilty of this)

I believe the client is not the enemy

I believe that no matter how cute the sandal, if any part of your foot extends beyond its borders, you must not wear it.

I believe there’s humor in everything.

I believe there should only be one kind of expiration date on food. The words “Best By…” and “Use By…” seem like suggestions to me.

I believe that creativity is directly linked to caffeine.

I believe that more is not better. Most of the time, it’s just more.

I believe Common Sense is on the Endangered List.

I believe the more you pay, the more upset you get when it’s not right.

I believe fat-free is not healthier.

I believe a workshop should not look like an infomercial.

I believe that God hates grasshoppers as much as I do, which is why he made them one of the plagues.

I believe there is no such thing as Luck.

I believe in being skinny enough to be healthy and fat enough to be happy.

And last but not least, I believe I WILL have another vodka.



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