Photography Island

My idea for a brand new reality photography show: Photography Island.

We drop a group of photographers into the middle of a huge wedding (on an island, of course, or the name would make NO sense) and ask them to photograph an outdoor wedding at 1pm on a sunny day. The entire wedding party will be dressed from head to toe in white and all of them will be sporting badly applied spray on tans. They will look like walking Cheetos.

Each photographer will be equipped with only a first generation iPhone, a sheet of notebook paper (college ruled, not wide), a key chain flashlight, a drinking straw, and 3 yards of purple tulle. They will each get ONE recharge on their phone and that’s it.

To make matters worse, the bride will be suffering from cramps and the groom will be hungover. As the day progresses, photographers will be voted off the island by a photography council.

When the Photography Council votes off a photographer, they will do so on little DSLR screens. The catchphrase for voting them off the island will be: “Gather your equipment and go reformat your card!” after which the photographer will leave the island, head hung in shame.

It’s still a work in progress, but I think it has real potential.


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