I Should Have


I think those three words strung together are just about the saddest in the history of language. 

“I should have” indicates regret, a mistake, a lesson learned.
And most of the time those lessons can be corrected on the next go-round:

“I should have added more sugar to the pie.”
“I should have ordered the steak instead of the salmon.”
“I should have not lost my temper so quickly.”
“I should have stopped at two margaritas.”
“I should have made a left turn a mile back.”

Easy fixes, right?

But some “I should have’s” can’t be fixed, and those are the “I should have’s” that break your heart: 

“I should have taken one more picture of mom.”
“I didn’t know it was the last time we’d all be together; I should have made time to get our family photographed. ”
“I should have realized how important these photos were.”

You’ll never stop all the “I should have’s”-nobody will. But if you think, even for a minute, that you’ll regret not having photographs of the people you love, then what are you waiting for?

‘Cause when it comes to memories of the people you love, you’ll only regret the photos you didn’t take.

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