Remember that sunny morning
in New York
in Washington DC
in Pennsylvania

Remember the places
the World Trade Center
the Pentagon
the rural field in Somerset County Pennsylvania

Remember the planes
the smoke
the fire
the horror
the evil

The pure, unadulterated evil…

Remember these things, remember them well, and then, let your memory drift to that which no plane can destroy…
the American Spirit.

Remember the people
the police department
the fire department
the first responders

Remember the ordinary Americans
who were anything but ordinary

Remember the passengers aboard United Airlines Flight #93 who went down fighting.

Remember the countless acts of courage and bravery
Remember those who ran in while others ran out
Remember the compassion
Remember the kindnesses
Remember the solidarity
Remember that time when we, the United of States of America, held hands together
as ONE.

Remember that. Always remember that.

Because the lesson of 9/11 isn’t that evil is strong, but rather
that the goodness of mankind is stronger.


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