Momttorneys at Law

I see a lot of female photographers as of late referring to themselves as “MOMtographers.” Now, I love being a mom, too, but I don’t add it to my photographer title, which got me a little worried…was I missing out on something? Would people take me more seriously if I added the word “mom” to my title? I mean, many women struggle with being considered professional, so maybe the word “mom” would help.

So, I did some research-a little investigatory momjournalism, if you will, to see if other female professions did this. I had specific keywords.

On my list were titles such as:
Momttorneys at Law
Environmental Mamaneers
Financial Mamamanagers
Mamarine Biologists
Momssage Therapists

I looked and looked but, alas, my momresearch skills yielded me with zero results. Mama-nada.

So, until the aforementioned careers decide to get with the program and add the word “mom,” to their title, I shall continue to use the regular, boring but serious: PHOTOGRAPHER.

I’m thinking it’s still the best option. xoxo

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