Dear Entitled…

Dear Entitled, 

I came across a screenshot of your “I have started a photography business” post in a “Classifieds” Facebook group:

I don’t know your name, but honestly, even if I did, I wouldn’t use it. It’s not my way. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to address your post, because girl, I sure do. You are asking for a lot of stuff from strangers to run this business you have started and apparently, expecting to receive it, so I settled on the adjective I felt best exemplified this sort of request. I hope you don’t mind. 

And, dear Entitled, rather than address the requests all at once, I thought I would dissect it, much like a frog in a middle school biology class. We’ll take our pins, affix this post firmly in place and then cut into it, examining it bit by bit. Exciting, right? Of course it is, just like this new business you just started. 

“I tried to make a fundraiser bit it wasn’t for a “cause” so they deleted it. But, why not make a post. My goal amount 1-2-3-4.”

First of all, how dare they delete your fundraiser. ANIMALS! To be fair to Facebook, they probably are used to people asking for help with serious medical issues or raising money for a surgery, but anyone with a shred of common sense can see that it really is quite inconsiderate of them not to put your post asking for a camera and computer and a lump sum of money for your business on par with someone experiencing a devastating loss. I mean, does it get more inconsiderate than that? Come on, Facebook. 

“I have started a photography business.”

Congratulations! Those are really fun words to say, aren’t they? I think the only thing more exciting is saying “I am a Professional Photographer.” And the ultra cool thing, dear Entitled, is anyone can say them. You don’t need to validate either statement. Oh, I know, there are those naysayers who believe that just making the claim doesn’t make it so but who are they to define this dream you’ve had for ten minutes? They don’t know that you’ve thought about this all last night when you weren’t watching Netflix. Did they not read your post in the Classifieds? Those words didn’t write themselves. Yeah, the grammar is a mess, but you are busy running your new photography business, not your new “grammar business.” Am I write? Dam strait.  

“So, yeah…after this episode of “Orange is the New Black” I’m going to think about my dream of starting a photography business.”

“I didn’t want to do this. I don’t have the slightest idea what to ask. These are things I need: I need a camera, not even a new one. A used camera, one that I can take and get pictures from.”

Dear Entitled, do not beat yourself up. How can you be expected to know what you need for the new business you just opened. Hello? You are too busy running your new photography business to know what you need to run a photography business. Girl, where do you find the time? No wonder you don’t have a camera yet.  I just hope you don’t forget to care for yourself along the way. Self care isn’t selfish.

As for the camera, I think you’re on the right track. I’ve always found the cameras you “can take and get pictures from” are the best cameras for a photography business. Please. And you said you don’t have the slightest idea what to ask for you. I suspect someone is riding the modesty train. 

Is this one of those Take and Get Pictures From cameras?

“I need to go out and get a laptop for editing photos, a used one, just one that allows editing. I need props, things for baby photos, things for family photos, blankets and other things.”

I think Best Buy sells those editing laptops. Maybe Walmart? But be warned: don’t let anyone sell you a non-editing laptop. Girl, it’s tricky, ‘cause they look the same, so stand your ground and insist on an Editing Laptop. (We call them “EL’s” but that abbreviation became confusing once Stranger Things got popular.)

Friends don’t lie…and they don’t let other friends buy non-editing laptops.

“I most definitely need a nest egg, something to assure I’ll have money set aside for expenses such as travel, small mishaps.”

Oh, Entitled, this sentence alone tells me you are on the road to success. I mean, CLEARLY, strangers considering where to put their hard earned money will read this and think, “Okay, this photography business owner knows her stuff. She’s already asking people to donate for her expenses. Are we SURE she’s only been doing this for 5 minutes? Let’s take the money we were going to send to our local dog rescue and send it her way to help cover her travel. You know what, that’s not enough– that kid in Guatemala can sponsor himself. This photography business owner needs money for her mishaps.” Good for you, dear Entitled. I mean, have you seen the price of business insurance? Only an idiot would buy that.

No shoes for you today, little guy.
Someone started a photography business and needs our money for a nest egg.
Stay inside if it gets cold.

“I don’t need this money immediately. I don’t need it, I want the help. I won’t be offended if you don’t want to donate. I know there are much more fundraisers more important than my own. With how life is, I don’t have the money to go out and get these things to start up my business.”

Woah. Girl…you don’t need the money immediately? Could you possibly be MORE considerate. I mean, here you are, running your photography business, slaving away on Facebook posts and yet, you are willing to wait for the money to roll in for everything for your business. Can we clone you?

“Karen, what’s wrong with you?”
“It’s this woman on Facebook asking everyone for money to start a business that she’s already started. She’s willing to wait for the money she wants. I mean, come on, guys. She isn’t demanding we give it to her immediately. We are not worthy…WE ARE NOT WORTHY.”
“Karen, seriously…what’s wrong with you?”

Listen, dear Entitled, I know you aren’t asking for a set amount of money, and again, who can blame you? I mean, really, who knows how much money is actually needed to start a photography business? Or any business. No one has ever been able to figure that out. I’m pretty sure every successful business owner has just sort of made it up as they go along. Mistakes? Please. That’s where that nest egg comes in. After all, it’s just money and there is no shortage of other people making to give to you and your dreams.

So, dear Entitled, in closing let me just say how happy this entire post makes me. You know, the photography industry has taken a bit of a hit lately in regards to perception. All those people calling themselves pros, holding memories so carelessly in their hands. It’s kind of devalued the whole profession, you know?

It’s nice to know that you really care enough to do it right. 

I recently discovered I have a passion for a thing I want to do but can’t afford right now,
so instead of working hard and earning the money to pay for it myself,
I’d like everyone ELSE to pay for it.
Oh, and I won’t be buying business insurance, so you might want to consider giving a little extra to cover me when something goes wrong.

5 Comments on Dear Entitled…

  1. That’s quite the effort to go to only to respond to a facebook post by probably a teenager who wants to start a photography business. Also, why is the writer assuming that the kid who wrote the post was watching OITNB the night before? and if that was the case, so what? She’s making a lot of assumptions and comes off as bitter and condescending

    • Bitter? I don’t think so. Condescending? I think that’s the point dude. Don’t you think that thinking it might be just a kid is also a little assumptive?

    • Dear Carlos,
      I might be wrong, but I think the writer used “watching OITNB the night before” as a humorous explanation of what might have been happening. Of course, the writer has no way of knowing this. Maybe this photographer with a business but no camera was watching “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” on Amazon or the “The Handmaid’s Tale” on Hulu. The writer really has no way of knowing for sure, so I suspect she picked the show she thought would be the most humorous in the post. You might disagree, in which case, you can write your own theory and use the show you prefer the best. As for bitter and condescending? Bitter? NEVER. Condescending? In this case? Yes. Of course, at least that’s what “I” think the writer meant.

  2. My favorite part: “As for the camera, I think you’re on the right track. I’ve always found the cameras you “can take and get pictures from” are the best cameras for a photography business.”


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