What I Did Tonight Instead of Working

I’m at my cabin right now. I’m supposed to be working, because I have a lot of work to finish. I hesitate to even say that, for I run the risk of sounding like those awful people who are forever telling everyone how busy they are:
OMG. I am SO busy. I don’t have time for anything because I am SO busy. I”m probably the busiest person I know.  I don’t even have time to tell you how busy I am because I am SO BUSY!”
You know, THOSE people.
I do have to say, though,  that I am legit busy. I have a mountain of deadlines looming large, so many of them that sometimes they wake me up in the middle of the night by knocking on my brain. And with all this work, you’d think I’d actually be working. But, no. I am not. I am putting it off. I justify it by telling myself that I work great under pressure and do my best work at the 11th hour, so really, NOT working is going to produce better work in the long run.

So, in the interest of producing Quality Work, let me show you what I’ve been doing instead of working. I think you’ll agree that it has been a fair trade off.

I made a cup of coffee to keep me awake longer while I do nothing.


While the coffee was brewing, I rummaged in the drawer for a snack. I found one tiny package of graham crackers. With surgical precision, I opened the package.


I lit a candle.



I stood in the kitchen next to my candle, holding my graham crackers in one hand and my coffee in the other, and I admired my Winter Tree. I call it a Winter Tree so I can justify putting it up in October and leaving it up until March. It really should be down by now, but I keep forgetting to bring up the Winter Tree box to pack it away, so here it still stands. In a little over 5 months, I’d be putting it up again, so maybe I’ll just leave it up all summer. LET THE NEIGHBORS TALK!

I took about ten minutes to hunt down a fly that had been buzzing around all afternoon. I saw him drop, but when I went to take a photo of his still, lifeless fly corpse, it was gone. I either didn’t kill him and he flew away wounded, or it’s a Walking Dead Fly scenario. And speaking of Walking Dead, can we please, for the love of God, get past the Negan storyline. This thing is dragging on longer than living on the farm and the hunt for Sophia. I mean, really.


I dunked the graham crackers in my coffee, until I lost one. I tried to fish it out but it just kind of dissolved into the coffee. I’m not too proud to say I still drank it. Listen, when you’ve got a Winter Tree standing in your living room after Easter, you’re living by your own rules.


The dog decided to get in on the graham cracker action. Yes, that is a Pokemon blanket. I’m using it to stay warm while I sit at my computer not working. Winter Tree in April, graham cracker bits in my coffee and a Pokemon blanket. Move over, Martha Stewart.

I then turned on HGTV  just in time to watch the home buyers on “Tiny House Hunters” act incredibly surprised that the tiny house they are trying to buy is, indeed, tiny. And then request features normally not found in a home the size of a closet.

“We’re looking for a tiny house where “Tinky,” our 200 pound Great Dane, can have his own space.”
“We want to keep it under 250sq ft, but we will need room to entertain.”
“I don’t know; the kitchen feels kind of small.”
I watch this show JUST to hear these things.

And then…I wrote this blog and went to bed. It feels great to be productive.




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