Staying Hot for Your Husband is Essential to a Successful Marriage…NOT

Dear Amanda,

Congratulations on your marriage of a few weeks. Getting married is an exciting time and being a newlywed is a truly wonderful feeling. Your entire future as a married couple is ahead of you: joys, trials, laughter and tears. It’s an exciting roller coaster of a ride that no one is ever truly prepared for because there’s so much you have yet to learn.

With that in mind, you can imagine my surprise when I read your current article:

“Staying Hot for My Husband is ESSENTIAL to a Successful Marriage”

(True story: I had a hard time even typing that sentence.)

Oh Amanda. Dear, sweet Amanda…we need to sit down, possibly over vodka and some pie, and have a come to Jesus moment.

Girl, this is a lot like a 10 year old writing a blog post on successful parenting.

See, if you had written this with the sage advice of staying healthy and feeling good for yourself, I would cheer that. But those weren’t the words you used, were they? The blog post instructs women they should work to look “hot” for their husband, otherwise, the marriage isn’t successful; it isn’t happy.

And I think to my own marriage of almost 30 years, with it’s ups and downs; it’s moments of sheer bliss and moments of “GET ME THE VODKA,” and I feel sort of sorry for my dear husband, because most days I look like I should be cleaning out the gutters.

If you saw me walking down the street, you’d think to yourself, “Oh, that poor homeless woman. She needs a shower and clothes that aren’t pajama bottoms.”

But here’s the thing, dear Amanda, he loves me anyway; he wants me anyway; he takes me in his arms anyway; he tells me I’m beautiful anyway…at my best but more importantly, at my worst.

So a little advice from a woman who has underwear older than your marriage…

One of the secrets to a successful marriage isn’t “staying hot for your husband,” but finding a person who thinks you’re “hot” no matter what you look like. And you…them.



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