Be the Cracked Egg

Peel away the shell of a perfect dyed Easter egg and the inside is pretty boring–just a plain white hard boiled egg. Nothing to see here.
But peel an imperfect Easter egg, one that’s been cracked during the boiling process, and you find something different.
The cracks allow color to seep inside.
The perfect eggs are pretty on the outside, but the CRACKED eggs are actually the most interesting on the inside. They have character. They are unique. They bring color to the deviled eggs or the egg salad sandwiches.
Those perfect eggs just sit there…boring the heck out of the potato salad.
Remember this.
And when given the choice, BE THE CRACKED EGG. xoxo
Happy Easter!

This is my two year old self and my mom on Easter. I appear to be having some sort of battle with my Easter hat…and it’s winning.

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