A Grinch Photography Story

Every photographer in Photographerville liked Christmas a lot
“We’ll try something new for Christmas minis,” they thought. 

They used a big Grinch suit for the whole Christmas season
To scare little children…no one quite knows the reason.

It could be, perhaps, they thought it was funny
It could be they thought it a great way to make money.

The Grinch scaring children caused quite a hoopla
Until Dr. Seuss, said, “Ahem. Copyright law.”

You must cease and desist all your Grinchiness doings
For the beloved Grinch belongs to ME, and not YOUings.

See, the creatures we love, be it Mickey or Minnie
Superman, Batman, Cinderella or Winnie

Are all protected by copyright. Of course. It makes sense.
And used without licensing is a trademark offense.

And you can shriek on the Facebook and pull out your hair
And grumble and moan and say it’s unfair

But remember this the next time you miss out on a commission
Because YOUR photos were used without written permission.


(Click HERE for the story.)

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