Virus Thoughts

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts with a photo of a downtown street Photoshopped to show tons of red “coronaviruses”sitting on the ground and even more hanging in the air. 

The caption reads “Would you still go out if you could see it?” I’m sure it’s created to instill dread and panic and fear and no doubt, I’m sure it’s effective at doing just that. 

But, every time I see it, I think: 

Yes, I would still go out. Of course I would. Why? Because we do that EVERY DAY. Every day we venture into a world filled with viruses waiting to find us. We bump into them; we shake hands with them; we sit at tables with them; we use ordinary every day items covered in them. The world is crawling with them. I mean, have you seen the studies about the invisible nastiness that lives in even the cleanest kitchen? Your keyboard? Your car’s steering wheel? YOUR PHONE?

But what we are forgetting is that the human body is a virus-fighting machine. Yes, some of our machines are compromised, and require additional protection as they bump about in a virus-filled world, but the vast majority aren’t. They come into contact with viruses every day and fight them off, sometimes without even knowing. 

It’s what the body was designed to do. 

So as we prepare to close our doors behind us and venture back into this beautiful world, I hope you all remember to wash your hands as much as possible, to sneeze and cough into the crook of your arms, to stay home and keep your kids home if they are running a fever.

Do everything you can to keep your immune system finely tuned: eat well, get plenty of sleep and find peace where you can. That includes limiting what you allow into your heart and mind. Yeah, news outlets, I’m talking to you…you who delight in instilling horror and dread, a steady pounding drumbeat of negativity wrapped up in an air of self-importance all on a 24 hour loop.

My friends, don’t allow that negativity in, for fear and stress claw at your immune system. Panic and worry wears a body down; it punches holes in its armor. Don’t let that happen. There is no health without mental health. 

Be smart. 
Be safe. 
Be well. 
You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
Refuse to live in fear.

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  1. This should be published on the front page everywhere. With so much dread, alarm and panic being instilled by the news, I am looking forward to the time when the fallout they’ve help to enhance becomes blowback to them. When they see ad revenue decreases cause them to stress out over pay cuts and job losses for themselves, I’ll be pleased a-plenty with karma!

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