Trick or Treat Pumpkins

I read a post explaining that blue pumpkin buckets convey that a trick-or-treater has autism and may be non-verbal.

And then I read a post that said the blue pumpkin buckets are bad and don’t use them, because why should children with autism be singled out with a different colored bucket?

And after thinking about both of these opinions, I have my own.

If a child is at your door with a pumpkin bucket, or a pillow case, or a grocery store bag, or anything that holds candy, he/she is trick-or-treating. They may scream “TRICK OR TREAT,” or say it quietly while hiding behind a parent’s legs, or, they may say nothing at all.

Really? Who cares what they do. They are at YOUR door on a night they’ve been looking forward to for some time.

Be kind.
Give a compliment.
And give them candy.

End of story.


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