Danger, Wedding Photographers

Bride Magazine UK featured a story recently about a couple who hired a robot named Eva to photograph their wedding. Using facial recognition, the robot asks guests whether they would like their photograph taken and if so, guests click on the pad she’s holding and pick their style of photo. She’s like a traveling photo booth. 

The story has been picked up by many photography sites. The industry is abuzz over Eva, the robot. 

WHATEVER. I’ve been doing this for years now.

Yeah, whatever Bride Magazine.

His name is B9 and really, he’s got it all over Eva. Armed with a professional quality camera, B9 arrives at your wedding ready to work. He features a glass bubble sensor unit with…wait for it…moving antennae. His construction allows him to function in harsh environments, even the vacuum of space. So, suck it Eva.

“My computer is the best on earth,” said B9, sharing what he thinks makes him the ideal wedding photographer.

B9 understands what other robots don’t. He knows you want great photographs of your wedding and he will go to great lengths to get them. Should Uncle Bob or a wayward guest with a camera threaten to ruin B9’s photograph, he will issue his trademark, “DANGER, WILL ROBINSON” warning. If guests still refuse to comply, B9 will zap them with electricity. That’s how seriously he takes his job.

If he can handle the vacuum of space, he can handle your beach wedding.

B9 requires no food, no sleep, can work for hours and will never diss his clients on social media. When asked why someone would choose NOT to use B9 as their wedding photographer, B9 said simply, “It does not compute.”


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