Choose Wisely

I have long said that the Internet does not make us a better People. As humans, living together on the planet, this thing called the World Wide Web has created far more chaos, angst, anger, bitterness, frustration and resentment than it has Good. (True, there are kitten videos, and for that, I am thankful)

It has given voice to idiots. Some may argue that I am one of them; the jury is still out on that.

The fact still remains, though, that the Internet is free speech run amuck. It pains me to say this, as I am a FIRM supporter of the Constitution and believe in the First Amendment with all that I am, but there is no ignoring the perils. We gave those troubled to the point of violence a platform and a keyboard and a camera in their phone, all of which buoyed their warped perspective.

Oh, but there’s more.

Social media comes with the promise of worldwide fame via Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, and the depths many will go to achieve their 15 minutes of notoriety is disturbing. And quite often dangerous. “Hey, look at me standing in front of this moving train!” The levels of narcissism are rising at an alarming rate. Climate change has nothing on the increased levels of ego, self promotion, conceit, and self-absorption in our society, thanks to that hideous monster called Social Media.

See, you can make laws and regulations, but evil finds a way. 
It picks up a gun.
It wields a knife.
It gets behind the wheel of a truck. 
It traffics children. 
It loads its syringe.
It demands tolerance and understanding without thought of giving the same. 
It refuses to listen.

And it stalks its prey bathed in the cold light of a computer screen.

You and I have a choice. We either play into this Social Media World of Make-Believe or we don’t. We either react with love and understanding and dare I say, humor, EVEN WHEN WE DISAGREE, or we risk becoming part of the problem.

Choose wisely, my friends.


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